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For the very first time in its 29 year history, the "Finale des Jeux de l'Acadie" is being held in Nova Scotia. From June 27th - July 1st 2008, Halifax Regional Municipality is hosting the more than 1,000 young athletes from throughout Atlantic Canada, and as many coaches, chaperones and volunteers.

La Société des Jeux de l'Acadie Inc. (SJA), which oversees the Jeux de l'Acadie programming, each year asks a municipality of the Atlantic Provinces to assume responsibility for organizing the Finale of the Jeux de l'Acadie. This unique gathering of Acadian youth brings together over 1,000 young people aged 10 to 16 out of the about 4,000 participants in the nine Regional Games organized throughout the Atlantic Provinces.

The SJA operates within the Acadian communities of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador. The SJA's constituent regions include nine delegations from these four provinces - six in New Brunswick and one each in the three other provinces. A regional/provincial committee is responsible for the operation of La Société des Jeux de l'Acadie in each region.

Each year, all SJA regions hold Regional Games, which are preceded by a training and selection phase in schools. These Regional Games determine the participants at the Finale of the Jeux de l'Acadie held every year in late June and early July, and involving athletes from all the regions.

A series of evening socio-cultural activities completes the Jeux de l'Acadie program for the athletes. It is worth noting that the majority of athletes are experiencing the Jeux de l'Acadie for the first time. It is therefore an opportunity for them to make new friends or, for the others, to renew old friendships.

For their part, host municipality officials proudly display their best colours to provide parents, friends and visitors with a memorable stay in their community. The friendly welcome of some 1,000 volunteers encourages visitors to find out more about tourist attractions in the municipality and surrounding areas.

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